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Keane: The Band Seamus Craic

Keane: The Band

Seamus Craic

ISBN : 9781903906644
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 About the Book 

Im only giving four stars because I like the band and because there are some great bits in here that are an interesting read for a fan. It tells mostly of the time that came after the massive success of their debut album Hopes and Fears that was the best selling british album of 2004 and propelled them into superstardom. Its even better because of the fact that it was released just before the bands second album and therefore is trapped in time at the start and progression of many inner band difficulties that, despite not apparent until these rifts were discussed publicly, were a large reason for tension between the members at the time- this is what makes it a great read to look back on. However it should be said that a lot of the apparent facts in the book are actually based on rumor and are inaccurate, even the band members age and parents names are not correct so quite a bit of the book cannot be relied on. Id recommended it for long lasting fans who can derive fact from fiction!