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Repetition Patterns Ben Tanzer

Repetition Patterns

Ben Tanzer

Kindle Edition
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

(Not available at Amazon! Not for sale in bookstores! Find Repetition Patterns exclusively [and for free if you want] at http://www.cclapcenter.com/patterns/ .)Dysfunctional suburbs. Dark thoughts. Crumbling relationships. Or in other words, just another day in the twisted world of author Ben Tanzer. In the experimental Repetition Patterns, this two-time Chicago novelist creates his own fictional small town full of secrets and despair, with results that are partly Sherwood Anderson, partly Sam Shepard, and with a fair dose of Chuck Klosterman thrown in for good measure. A pay what you want eBook experiment in the style of Radiohead, the Chicago Center for Literature and Photography is proud to announce this as the organizations first-ever original title- new fans are bound to love the seedy pop-culture-laced style Tanzer brings to all his work, while existing fans are sure to see this as a new high point in a suddenly explosive career.