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Always, Karen Jeanne Walker

Always, Karen

Jeanne Walker

Published January 1st 1975
ISBN : 9780801528408
157 pages
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 About the Book 

In 1969, Karen Walker began dating a man named Jim Alvarado, and later was diagnosed with a fatal form of cancer. Jim proposed to Karen, but she passed away just weeks before her wedding. After Karens death, she began contacting her family from beyond the grave.Jeanne walkerJim claimed that after Karens death, he felt that she kicked him, which she did when she was alive in order for him to keep focused while they were studying. Her parents contacted a minister who can communicate with the dead, and told them accurate information about their daughter. Karens mother, Jeanne, claims that Karen has contacted with her several times, and influenced her to write a book about her experiences called Always, Karen.