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The Art Of Conducting Frederic Cowen

The Art Of Conducting

Frederic Cowen

Published May 2nd 2011
Kindle Edition
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 About the Book 

The Art Of Conducting is a short guide to the art of the conductor including the qualities needed to be a great conductor, how the art of conducting can be learnt and studied and advice to students of conducting. It was written by Sir Frederic H. Cowen (1852-1935) a British pianist, conductor and composer. His professional career as a conductor included spells with the Philharmonic Society of London, Liverpool Philharmonic Society, Hallé Orchestra, Bradford Festival Choral Society and the Scottish Orchestra (now known as the Royal Scottish National Orchestra). …The real Conductor, the musician who is thoroughly equipped in all respects for the position he occupies, is now generally recognised as an artist in the same sense and to the same extent as any other instrumentalist or vocalist of the front rank. Indeed, from having been, a comparatively short time ago, a mere figurehead in the eyes of the public, he has come to be regarded by them often as the most important personage, and sometimes even the chief attraction of a performance. And this is as it should be, for his art is the most subtle, the most difficult, and the one involving the greatest responsibilities of all…” In his day Sir Frederic H. Cowen was one of Britains best known and most respected composers and conductors and even featured in The Strand Magazine in their series Portraits of Celebrities at Different Times of their Lives (also included in this kindle edition).